Protein and biomolecules sources for nutritional security and biodiversity
of bakery products in a circular food system

Bakery Pilot Plant

Pilot plant activities are aimed at obtaining new food products, incorporating protein-rich and nutraceutical ingredients into food matrices, with the design of bakery products prototypes and their preparation for large-scale production.

The Cereals and Flours Processing Pilot Plant of IBA Bucharest is one of the three pilot plants of this research institute. This plant carries out milling and bakery activity, pasta, and pastry production. It is involved in research activities within national and international projects on topics such as nutritionally optimized confectionery and pastry products, capitalization on expertise in the agri-food research sector, knowledge transfer to the private sector to obtain safe and added-value bakery products.

The bakery pilot plant will carry out experimental activities to valorise food transformation industry wastes and by-products, by establishing representative recipes to obtain three bakery product prototypes along with their optimal technology, which is to be monitored within the bakery process control.

The infrastructure of the pilot plant includes specific equipment such as:

  • Low-capacity oven – suitable for bread and pastry products craftsmen and mass production (Mondial Forni, Italy);
  • Laboratory steel disc MLI 204 – a flexible platform for lab-scaled process development, with a modular design that facilitates testing low to medium viscous products in a wide range of applications (Buhler Holding AG, Switzerland);
  • Stand-alone extruder KE 19 – with 3 measurement points, grooved cylinder, and modular measuring head, the small sample sizes are enough for conclusive test results and can confidently be replicated on a larger scale (Brabender GmbH & Co KG, Germany).