Protein and biomolecules sources for nutritional security and biodiversity
of bakery products in a circular food system

METROFOOD-RI: Traceability and comparability of results in food measurements

METROFOOD-RI, whith The School of Advanced Studies on Food and Nutrition of the University of Parma and ENEA, organizes the training Course "METROFOOD-RI: Traceability and comparability of results in food measurements", which will take place in Parma at the Center “Santa Elisabetta”, University Campus, from 20 to 23 September 2021.

The Course is designed with simultaneous online and face-to-face lessons in a blended approach. The Scientific Director of the Course is Prof. Maria Careri, Full Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability of the University of Parma and Scientific PI representing University of Parma in METROFOOD-RI, who chairs the Scientific Committee which includes academics and experts in the sector: 

Dr. Claudia Zoani, Coordinator of METROFOOD-RI, ENEA, Rome
Prof. Daniele Del Rio, President of School of Advanced Studies on Food and Nutrition, University of Parma
Prof. Federica Bianchi, President of the Postgraduate University Course “Quality Control and Quality Management System in testing Labs”, University of Parma
Dr. Andrea M. Rossi, National Metrology Institute (INRIM), Turin
Prof. Michael Rychlik, Head of the Chair of Analytical Chemistry, Technical University of Munich
Dr. Isabel Castanheira, Principal Researcher, National Institute of Health (INSA), Lisbon
Dr. Nastasia Belc, General Director, National Institute of Research & Development for Food Bioresources (IBA), Bucharest
Dr. Michele Suman, Head of Food Safety & Authenticity Area, Advanced Research Labs, Barilla SpA, Parma
Dr. Filippo Trifiletti, General Director of Accredia, Rome
Dr. Elke Anklam, Principal Advisor, Joint Research Centre, European Commission
Dr. Stef Bronzwaer, Research Coordinator, EFSA European Food Safety Authority, Parma

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