Protein and biomolecules sources for nutritional security and biodiversity
of bakery products in a circular food system

AdFoodChem 2021 – Advances in Food Chemistry 2021

The first edition of AdFoodChem 2021 International Conference, will be held from 15th to 17th of April 2021, the conference will take place on-line, the Food Chemistry Section in cooperation with the Young Chemists’ Section of the Romanian Chemical Society and National Institute of Research & Development for Food Bioresources IBA- PROVIDE partner, as organizers institutions.

The conference will allow an exchange of ideas and experiences between researchers in various areas of applied food chemistry and innovation in food processes engineering. The main topics are food composition and authenticity, food sustainability, functional foods, food packaging, food processing, food safety. Above those main topics, other food related research is welcomed.

The conference program will include a “Career Day” event for soft skills development. The program is designed for young chemists, nonetheless, everyone who is interested in developing their presentation and communication abilities, as well as improving their writing skills is welcomed.


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