Protein and biomolecules sources for nutritional security and biodiversity
of bakery products in a circular food system

PROVIDE project

Sustainability is one of the biggest challenges presently and in the future. I am pleased to introduce to you our project provide, which aims at fostering a circular food system. My name is Michael Rychlik and I am coordinating the project funded by the ERANETS Susfood 2 and CORE Organic. Imagine: 45 % of all food raw materials are wasted or downcycled to feed or biogas substrate. Look at spent grains from brewing, press cakes from oil seed processing, side streams from prickly pear cactus, whey from cheese manufacturing and heads bones feet from poultry. We want to use these sidestreams to produce tasty baked goods instead The project plan starts with processing these sidestreams into baking ingredients. Therefore, green technologies such as supercritical co2 extraction and membrane technologies will be applied to generate ingredients high in valuable proteins and health-promoting compounds. Green Technologies and organic raw materials will also enable us to obtain organic products. The baked goods will be evaluated comprehensively regarding nutritive parameters, health promotion and safety. For the bakers, we will investigate their technofunctional properties. In the consumer’s perspective, we will assess whether they are attractive from their sensory and environmental point of view. Therefore, also consumer studies are planned. This will then allow us to predict their perspective on the market. We are a multidisciplinary partnership ranging from the north of Europe in Norway over Germany, Romania, Italy to Northern Africa in Marocco. We want to PROVIDE the solution for the UN Sustainability Development Goal 12, Responsible Production and Consumption.


13 July 2021